Edmerk provides professional study abroad consultancy services to aspirants seeking overseas education. We assist students in finding suitable courses in different countries and deliver student support from course selection to destination services. We are operating one of the best study abroad consultancy in Kondotty, Malappuram.  With our experience and network around the world, you will be having a hassle free application process. We ensure steer clear of fake promises and hoaxes in the industry. We promise to protect you from any false promises and scams in the industry. Your trust and safety is our top priority!

Best study abroad education consultants in kondotty, malappuram

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Best study abroad agency in kondotty, Malappuram
Best overseas education consultants in kondotty, Malappuram

About Us

We are a reputable study abroad consultancy in Kondotty, Malappuram that offers top-notch services to students who are seeking to pursue their education overseas. Our team of experts provides professional assistance to help students find suitable courses in various countries and offers comprehensive support from the selection of courses to destination services. As the best overseas education consultants in Kondotty, Malappuram, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their academic goals and fulfill their aspirations of studying abroad.

Your decision to move ahead with Edmerk, means you are joining a community of present and former students who have experienced studying abroad. Our platform provides a great opportunity for aspirants to interact, clear their concerns, and explore opportunities in pursuing overseas certification.

Make the move now, The world is waiting for your talent.

Expert advise in Destination And Course Selection
Language Proficiency Training (IELTS, PTE)
Forex Services
Professional Documentation
Part time job and Accommodation Assistance

Our Services


Our team of expert study abroad consultants will explain the process of applying to universities and discuss your study and career goals with you.

Choose Universities

Our study abroad quality Consultants will assess your academic background and suggest Universities where you will
be able to secure offers.

Create Your Application

Our Consultants will review and edit your Personal Statement, CV and check your relevant documents and forward your application.

Check Your English Level

Meet our IELTS faculty and IELTS practice test if required. Our study abroad expert will guide you if Language test is required.

Manage Your Application

Direct Communication with Universities on your behalf to ensure you recieve your offer faster.

Secure Visa

Our abroad Visa Specilaists will help you obtain TIER 4 Student Visa.

Travel & Forex Services

Our Team will provide adequate travel services as well as helps in exchange and conversion of the currencies

Arrange Your Accomodation

We will help you secure accomodation and airport pickup on or
off campus

Post Arrival Service

You are very precious to us. Various other services await you while arriving.

IELTS with us

Study abroad consultant in kondotty

IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test. If you’re looking to work, study or live abroad then taking an IELTS test can help you make that dream come true.

In less than three hours, the IELTS test assesses all of the English skills necessary for academic purpos- es or for living abroad: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The IELTS test uses a unique testing method — a one-on-one oral exam with a trained, certified examiner, and without distractions. This has been proven the most effective way to assess real-life conversation skills. 

Designed by experts in English language assess- ment and trusted around the world, you can be sure that the IELTS test will give a fair and consis- tent evaluation of your English skills.

real customers


I had a very good experience with EDMERK, They have helped me in all aspects related to this. I strongly recommend them who is looking to study abroad.

Navya Sreejith

I dreamt to study abroad and explore countries. But I didn’t know how to go about and how to start with the procedure. I came across EDMERK, they helped me a lot. Thanks whole team behind.

Akshay Bhaskar

I applied My MBA through EDMERK at UNIVERSITY of EAST LONDON. I recommend EDMERK to everyone who like to come for studies in UK because they are very helpful and they have regular follow up, also highly professional communication. Thank you Team EDMERK.

Tintu Babu

It’s really hard and confusing process to find something good from many. But EDMERK was the best choice in all the ways they can be. Informative, Professional & 100% trustable.

Fehmidha Manaf PV

Comfortable service and friendly behavior staffs. The main thing is that I like to mention here about their visa documentation, 100% strong documentation. No worries about any kind of rejections and all... They are one of the best in my experience.

Nibin Burhansha
Study abroad consultant in kondotty
the answers


Below are the most frequent questions that our clients have. We have tried to give short, but at the same time accurate answers to dispel your doubts.
When to apply for a study abroad course?

The admission period for study abroad courses depends on the universities. Overseas educational institutions intake twice a year normally. You can consult for more details regarding the intake of the university, courses, fees structure, scholarships and so on.

What are the eligibility criteria for studying abroad?

The eligibility criteria for studying abroad will depend on the course and university you select.

Will I need to attend an admissions interview?

As a prospective international student, it is relatively unlikely for schools to expect you to attend an admissions interview in person, although this is not unheard of – especially for the most competitive programs.

Some universities hold international interviews in various locations around the world, so you may be expected to attend one of these. There is also a growing trend of using video interviewing. This is like any other interview, with a prearranged time and date, but will take place online, via an application such as Skype.

Where can I find study abroad scholarships?

Study abroad scholarships can be found in many places. Your first port of call will be the website of your chosen university, where you’ll find information on available scholarships. Sometimes the university will also list external scholarships, such as those offered by the government or business partners of the school. If not, you should research governmental schemes in your home country and your country of study, as well as funding offered by external organizations relating to your field of study (e.g. an engineering firm might offer a scholarship for engineering students).

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Edmerk, A professional consultancy service to aspirants looking for abroad education. We aim to deliver student support from course selection to local services at the destination. With our experience and network around the world, you will be having a hassle free application process and aim to avoid all fake promises and hoax in the industry. 

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