Why USA?

Study At High-Quality Institutions:

According to the QS world University rankings half of the top 10 best University in the world are located in the USA

Improve Your English Skills

Even if you are already good at English you will get a better understanding of the language and vocabulary by actually interacting with native speakers on a daily basis the way living and alot of changes in living lifestyle

Working While Studying In USA

Working while studying is a big reason behind international students’ flocking to America to study. Although USA offers a large number of scholarships, sometimes to live a better life one needs more money. Various “earn while you learn” schemes, and also the general law of the land allowing international students to work while studying helps a lot in this regard.

Stay Back And Work Options After Study In USA

USA is one of the immigration friendly countries that offer great stay back options for its international students. If you are intending to study in USA then immigration must be on your mind. It is true that most countries have strict rules with respect to stay back and do not allow their students to stay back after they complete their education. However, USA is one of the exceptions. The F-1 non-immigrant student visa enables the candidates to take up work on the campus for up to 20 hours for every week in the initial nine months.

Once course is finished, can opt for the below work options:

Optional Practical Training
Curricular Practical Training
Employment in an international organisation

USA Offer Lot Of Scholarship To The International Student:

Scholarship is a great advantage for International students in the countries like USA. There are many universities in the USA that give scholarships and help the international students to afford their education in a better way.

There are two types of Scholarship one is Government scholarships which includes commonwealth or Daad scholarships and the second type of scholarship is offered by the universities itself.